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    電子商務Essay范文:Online Shopping Assessment: Evaluation of Characteristics

    論文價格: 免費 時間:2022-08-04 10:45:19 來源:www.mobile1apps.com 作者:留學作業網

    本文是電子商務專業的留學生Essay范例,題目是“Online Shopping Assessment: Evaluation of Characteristics(人工智能與音樂教育方法)”,本文將對人工智能在音樂教育中的應用進行綜述。這個特殊的領域是高度跨學科的,涉及教育、音樂、人工智能(AI)、音樂心理學、認知心理學、人機交互、哲學、計算機科學和許多其他領域的貢獻。教育中的人工智能本身是一個非常廣泛的領域,可以追溯到1970年左右(Carbonell, 1970年),有自己的理論、方法和技術。為了簡單起見,我們將按照標準慣例將人工智能教育縮寫為AI-ED。

    E-commerce also known as electronic commerce which is the purchasing and sale of goods and services through an electronic network, primarily the Internet, or the transfer of funds or data. Such transactions occur either as Business-to-Business transactions (B2B), Business-to-Consumer transactions (B2C), or consumer transactions. The e-commerce and e-business terms are used interchangeably in many situations. The term e-tail is also sometimes used for transactional processes of online shopping. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web for at least one aspect of the life cycle of the transaction, though other technology such as email may also be used. According to Rouse (2018), a typical e-commerce transaction include online book purchases such as Amazon and music purchases like music downloading in the form of digital download, such as iTunes Store and, to a lesser extent, customised online liquor store inventory services. There are three fields of e-commerce which involves online retail, electronic markets and online auctions.


    Type of E-Commerce電子商務類型

    Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce Refers to the exchange of goods, services or information online between companies, rather than between businesses and consumers. For examples online product, supply exchange manuals and websites can allocate on searching for goods, services and info through e-procurement interfaces. 

    企業對企業 (B2B) 電子商務 指企業之間而不是企業與消費者之間的在線商品、服務或信息交換。例如在線產品、供應交換手冊和網站可以通過電子采購界面分配搜索商品、服務和信息。

    Business-to-consumer (B2C) is a business model focused on transactions between a company that selling products or services and individual customers end-users. B2C concept of e-commerce implies a trade transaction through a company website featuring an online catalogue.

    Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) is a type of e-commerce in which consumers trade online products, services, and information. These transactions are usually carried out through a third party offering an online platform which the transactions are performed. There are two most common platform for C2C sites are eBay and Craigslist.

    Consumer-to-business (C2B) is a form of e-commerce where customers make their products and services available online to bid and buy companies. This is the reverse of the conventional B2C business model. Rouse (2018) mentioned that a popular example of a C2B platform, such as iStock, is a market that sells royalty-free photos, pictures, media and design elements. Another example would be a board of jobs.

    Business-to-administration (B2A) refers to online transactions between businesses and public authorities or government bodies. Many government branches rely on e-services or products in one way, especially the legal documents, registers, social security, taxpayers, and employment are concerned. Organizations also can supply those electronically.

    Consumer-to-administration (C2A) refers to online transactions between individual consumers and the public or governmental bodies. Government rarely buys products or services from residents, but in the following areas people frequently use electronic means: education:

    -Knowledge dissemination, distance learning / online lectures, and so on.

    -Social security: information being transmitted, payments being made, and so forth.

    -Taxes: the preparation of tax returns, payments etc.

    -Health: making appointments, providing information on conditions, making payments for health services, and so forth.

    Advantages of E-Commerce電子商務的優勢

    Easy and Convenient

    Because of the ease and convenience, e-commerce has become one favourite ways for peoples in nowadays to shop because they in love online shopping. They are allowed to buy goods or services from their homes at any time of the day or night. The best thing about it is purchasing options which are easy, convenient and user-friendly with the ability to transfer funds online. Henceforth, consumer can save both their time and money by searching for their products easily and making purchases online.



    Cost Reducing

    One of e-commerce's most measurable benefits cost reduced. A part of these lower costs could be passed on in the form of discounted prices to customers. The following shows how e-commerce can cut costs:

    -Advertising and marketing: Some cost-effective advertising channels include organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click and social media traffic.

    -Personnel: Routing checkouts, billing, purchases, inventory management and other operational processes reduce the number of employees needed to run an e-commerce programme.

    -Real estate: An e-commerce retailer lacks a popular physical location.

    Build Focused Contact

    Using the information in the registration form provided by customer and putting cookies on the computer of customer, an e-commerce merchant can access many customers information. It may be used to communicate related messages, in effect. For instance, if organizations are searching for a particular product on Amazon there will automatically show listings of other similar products and may also receive emails from Amazon regarding related products.

    Selling Goods to Worldwide

    When business has a physical store, it will serve a specific geographic area, but with an e-commerce website, it can offer products and services worldwide. The whole world is a marketplace where businesses can market their entire portfolio of goods without any geographical limitations. Additionally, trade also known as mobile trade removed the remaining geographic restriction.

    Open 24* 7/365

    Shop timings are now 24/7/365 because e-commerce websites can run all the time, one of the most critical advantages e-commerce merchants can enjoy. They'll increase their profits by increasing the number of orders from the client. Nevertheless, it's also helpful to consumers, as they can buy products whenever they want, whether it's early morning or midnight.


    Issues to Consideration when Developing E-Commerce電子商務發展需要考慮的問題


    All e-commerce sites have to support secure layer of sockets (SSL) to encrypt information that needs to remain secure. It refers to credit card and payment details and customer information such as location, telephone number, email. Customers expect their personal information to remain secure when making an online purchase, so ensuring that SSL is absolutely essential to keeping customers confident that their information will remain secure. Therefore, security is required for any company that accepts payments by credit card to fulfil PCI compliance requirements.


    所有電子商務網站都必須支持安全套接字層 (SSL) 來加密需要保持安全的信息。它指的是信用卡和付款詳細信息以及客戶信息,例如位置、電話號碼、電子郵件??蛻粝M麄兊膫€人信息在進行在線購買時保持安全,因此確保 SSL 對于讓客戶確信他們的信息將保持安全是絕對必要的。因此,任何接受信用卡付款的公司都需要安全性來滿足 PCI 合規性要求。

    Organization need to aware that credit card numbers are not kept on the network in the database. While having card information on file may seem make shopping easier for customers, but storing this information on servers is a huge security risk and if the database is compromised, and company will be responsible for that loss.

    Take care of the needs around data migration.

    It refers to companies that already have a platform for e-commerce and want to switch to another. Migration of data can become extremely complex and challenging, so it is important to make progress in the migration plan.

    Aid Checkouts for Visitors.

    Business with e-commerce sites will require users to create an account to make a purchase, this allows for a follow-up interaction that encourages future sales, as well as tracking consumer demographic information to determine sales. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that not everybody wants to purchase a product through the account creation process. Since the company will still try to encourage users to create an account, they may try to design the purchase process to allow users to complete a guest checkout and, once done, enable them to create an account using the details they just entered.

    Capabilities of mobile commerce

    The next thing to consider is the mobility features of the e-commerce system that organization want to use for website. Company have to be able to sell via mobile devices to get ahead of rivals. ABI Research expects shoppers worldwide to spend $119 billion in purchases of mobile phones by 2015. In addition, consumers are increasingly adopting mobile lifestyle and they enjoy researching mobile devices and making purchases about a product (Dains, 2014). So, organization should have the e-commerce programme that pick ready for mobile use. Having a mobile version of company e-commerce site or a mobile optimised version would help on extend customer scope and drive more traffic to the website. Additionally, ensure that the e-commerce solution has mobile marketing features such as:

    -cause SMS and MMS messages when visitors sign up for special deals or take any action on your site

    -preview of page templates on mobile screens

    -workflow alerts to accept and publish site changes from smartphone on the go

    E-Commerce Case Studies電子商務案例研究

    How a Small E-Commerce Platform Drawn 293,000 Facebook Fans?

    Diamond Candles is a company that sells soy-based perfumed candles with a ring in the middle. Instead of buying ads online to drive sales of their companies, their main marketing strategy has been to use referrals and social media. The key strategy behind their success was customer content generated by their client base. Such photos increased the company's Facebook Fan Page to 469,661 followers by spending a single cent on ads, according to senior reporter Adam Sutton, Diamond Candles, while also increasing the conversion rate of their product page by 13 per cent.

    小型電商平臺如何吸引 29.3 萬 Facebook 粉絲?

    Diamond Candles 是一家銷售中間有環的大豆香薰蠟燭的公司。他們的主要營銷策略不是在線購買廣告來推動公司的銷售,而是使用推薦和社交媒體。他們成功背后的關鍵戰略是他們的客戶群產生的客戶內容。據 Diamond Candles 高級記者亞當·薩頓 (Adam Sutton) 稱,這些照片通過在廣告上花費一分錢將公司的 Facebook 粉絲頁面增加到 469,661 名追隨者,同時也將其產品頁面的轉化率提高了 13%。

    Sources refer to:



    Knowing that more pictures shared by customers essentially made them more successful, they created an environment to allow their customers to send more pictures.

    The following are what they did:

    -a call-to-action that was found on the candle asking customers to take a selfie with the ring and share it on social media, introducing their brand to even more potential customers (free of charge)

    -gifts that inspire customers to create and share photos for a chance to win free products, build customer loyalty

    -share all pictures taken on social media, create an impression

    How One Ecommerce Entrepreneur Explored New Channels of Sales and Taking Income From $8,000 to $96,000 per month

    Healthy eating is somewhat of a problem. Everybody knows they need to eat healthier, take more sleep and work out, but they don't. Since people are too busy in nowadays. So Raw Generation is a firm that makes consuming raw, unpasteurized juice from fresh fruits and vegetables more convenient. Since initially promoting on social media and getting no traction, Jessica, Raw Generation's CEO, was introduced to Lifebooker, a deal website. Raw Generation, after being promoted on Lifebooker, hit a home run. Raw Generation's majority sales come from deal sites like Groupon, Gilt, and Rue La La, yet in recent years Raw Generation no longer uses Glit and Rue La La. If businesses find a marketing strategy that works for them, don't go looking for new marketing outlets. Double on it, and make it work for company time and again.

    How to Built a T-Shirt Business Online and Made $1,248.90 in 3 Weeks?

    Shopify's core value on their site is "do something, tell people." Obviously, it promotes its own company. Shopify employee, Tucker Schreiber took on the task of building a T-shirt project in a month. ThinkPup, the store they set up had produced sales of $1,248.90 in less than a month. An summary of the performance shows the following:

    Tucker sought to get consumers through a multiplicity of online marketing platforms and noticed that Reddit and Instagram had the most transactions. It shows that the marketing networks need not overthink Shopify. Posting on sites like Reddit where people are already gathered will sometimes help to make great sales. The secret to enterprise products is always testing new methods of marketing. While it may think that's the way to go because that's how people did it, and organisation will never really know for which channel it will be profitable. Reddit and Instagram website shows the following:

    Thinkpup account in Instagram

    The best way to find unique Instagram followers is simply to search for hashtags relevant to demographics, and to like, follow, or comment on their accounts. Here's what Tucker was searching for hashtags:

    Generally speaking, businesses in nowadays must always strive to create the next best thing consumers will want because consumers continue to want their products, services and so on to be better, faster and cheaper on an ongoing basis.  Businesses need to accommodate the new types of consumer needs and developments in this new technology environment, because it will prove crucial to the success and sustainability of their business.  E-commerce is constantly progressing and is becoming increasingly important to businesses as technology continues to advance and is something that should be exploited and put into practise. From the inception of the Internet and e-commerce, the possibilities for both businesses and consumers have become endless.  It also can create businesses with more opportunities for profit and advancement, while creating more consumer options.

    一般來說,當今的企業必須始終努力創造消費者想要的下一個最好的東西,因為消費者繼續希望他們的產品、服務等在持續的基礎上變得更好、更快和更便宜。 企業需要適應這種新技術環境中的新型消費者需求和發展,因為這將證明其業務的成功和可持續性至關重要。 隨著技術的不斷進步,電子商務不斷發展,對企業越來越重要,應該加以利用和付諸實踐。 從互聯網和電子商務開始,企業和消費者的可能性就變得無窮無盡。 它還可以為企業創造更多的利潤和發展機會,同時創造更多的消費者選擇。



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